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ePrompter: Access Web-based and POP3 Email with a Single Program

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Published on November 14th, 2005
Category: Internet

The typical computer user has more than 3 different email address from different providers. I, myself, have six of them: One from Hotmail, another from Yahoo, two from my art-app.com domain, one from my barizo.com domain, and one from Gmail. Clearly, it is very difficult to keep track of them. Some of them, the ones using POP3 and IMAP, can only be accessed through a program like Microsoft Outlook. Others can only be accessed through a web browser. Luckily, I found a program that helps me keep track of all of them. It’s a nifty little program called ePrompter.

From the website,

ePrompter works with AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, POP3, Earthlink, Excite, iName, Juno, Lycos, Mail.com, Mindspring, MSN, MyWay, Netscape, OneBox, Rediffmail, SBC Yahoo, Switchboard, USA.net and hundreds of other email domains.

Practically any email address imaginable can be access through this program! ePrompter is a very simple program. The download and installation are very quick. Configuration is very easy. All that is required is the email addresses, passwords, and provider names (example: Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail.com). It saves the information so that it can automatically check for messages.

ePrompter launches at every start of Windows or login. It sits on the task tray. You can specify it to check for mail at various intervals of time or just manually. To manually check for mail, press “update” and wait for about 10 seconds for messages to download depending on internet connection.

It is important to note that ePrompter is not a full-fledged email program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. It can only read messages in the Inbox, not in any other folders. ePrompter can only read and write in generic text. This is a good and bad thing. If you cannot view pictures or other content, you have no risk of getting a virus. But, there may be a picture that you want to see or send in an email. In those cases, you would have to login to your email account in a browser. I really don’t use it for writing email. I just use it as a notification program. If it says that I have a new message, I scan the generic text version that it downloaded from my email account. If it requires more action then deleting (example: move to a different folder or view attachment) I manually go to my Internet browser and login to my email account.

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