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Published on December 8th, 2005
Category: Rants and Raves

Congratulations! If you are seeing this, then you are viewing this blog from my new web server! I explained it a little more in depth in my hosting hack article. Basically, I really loved my previous host. But the disk space, bandwidth, and POP3 servers were getting in the way of my plans. I also changed my blogging engine from Movable Type to WordPress! I did this because I was tired of the way Movable Type rendered pages. They produced them statically instead of dynamically. (It’s technical jargon. Don’t worry about it). Another reason is because there is no telling where Six Apart (the makers of Movable Type) is going with their prices. There may be a day when I will have to switch because they charge for their blogging software. I rationalized that it is better to experience the hassle of switching now, when I have fewer articles, then later. On the other hand, WordPress is under GNU’s GPL copyright. So, it will always be free!

I’m still getting used to both this new host and this new blogging engine. I think I’ve worked out all the kinks in the system. Chances are that you will not even notice the change, which is a good thing. But, if you do notice a broken link or something PLEASE contact me and tell me about it!

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