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2005 December

AVG Free Edition: Fast, Unobtrusive Virus Scanning Suite

Published on December 27th, 2005
Category: Utilities
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We all (or I hope we all) know about the basics of computer optimization protection: anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and updates. Unfortunately, many do not realize that these protections are available for free. No need to buy McAfee or Norton! Although I believe that these are outstanding products, I get comparable (and often better) performance from simple, basic, no-frills free protection.
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Daemon Tools: Virtual CD and DVD Drive Emulation

Published on December 26th, 2005
Category: Utilities

In my last post, on IsoBuster, I showed the simplicity of CD (or DVD) backup and ripping. We know that it is possible to reburn backup files, also known as ISO files for data and WAVE files for audio. This would make relatively exact replicas (data-wise) of the original CD or DVD. (If you didn’t read my last article, *.iso files or ISO Images are exact sector-by-sector snapshots of CDs and DVDs).

There are more things you can do with these backup files. Obviously, you can play *.wav files on any multimedia player. But, there should be a way to “play” *.iso files.
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IsoBuster: Easy CD (DVD) Backup and Data Rescue Recovery Tool

Published on December 21st, 2005
Category: Utilities

In my PC Inspector File Recovery post, I revealed how to “unerase” deleted files on rewritable media like hard disks, memory cards, and floppy disks. In part of this article, I will address how to recover corrupted files from damaged media such as scratched CDs.

IsoBuster performs two major functions: CD (DVD) backup and recovery.
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