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2005 December

StepMania: Free, Open-source DDR for Computer

Published on December 18th, 2005
Category: Entertainment

Note: This article was written for my other blog, The Information Bank, to continue my DDR series. I have also included it here because it deals with great freeware.

Continuing on the long-awaited sequel to the Dance Dance Revolution series, I bring you Part II! In my last article, I gave a crash course introduction to the concept of “DDR” and DDR games. As promised, I said that I would reveal how to play DDR on the computer.

Why Play DDR on the Computer?
At home, I attend the Fil-am International SDA church. About 50% of the members there are of Philippines decent. Now, for some reason, DDR seems to be prevalent with the Asian population. During one of our church parties, some of the kids busted out the DDR Extreme for PS2. That night, I was hooked! I wanted to play DDR at home and bring it to my boarding school so that my friends and I could stay up all night DDRing (which, by the way, we ended up doing many times). Problem was … I didn’t have a PS2, or a PSOne, or an Xbox, or a Gamecube. And I didn’t feel like buying one either. I only had a computer. Surely, there must be a way to play DDR on PC. But, how would I connect the controllers? Were there already controllers that hookup to USB or parallel ports? If there was a way, how did it work?
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Maya Personal Learning Edition: Hollywood-Quality 3D Animation

Published on December 16th, 2005
Category: Audio and Video
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I learned about this program from TechTV (when it was still an awesome network). Ever wonder what Hollywood uses to create 3D animations for movies such as Shrek, Ice Age, Final Fantasy, and Toy Story? What do they use to render the stunts and visual effects in movies like Spiderman, Charlie’s Angels, and Lord of the Rings?
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URL Changes

Published on December 13th, 2005
Category: Rants and Raves
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Hey Everybody,

I spontaneously decided to buy a dedicated domain name for the freeware review. Instead of the http://freeware.art-app.com subdomain, I am using the http://www.freewarereview.info domain. I’ve also changed the permalink structure for individual posts to make the articles more search engine friendly. I also changed the permalink structure for The Information Bank. In addition, I have instituted permalink and domain redirects to make the transition easier. You may not even notice anything at all! That is a good thing. If you do notice any problems, please notify me! Remember to update your bookmark, link, and feed URLs accordingly too!


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