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FontList: Preview All Fonts Available in One Page

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Published on January 31st, 2006
Category: Design and Publishing

As a web designer, it is imperative for me to aware of all the fonts that are at my disposal on my computer system. Most of the time, today’s designs use a sans serif font variation. This class of fonts is a staple to designs that are modern, contemporary, or generic (not necessarily a bad thing). However, there are times when a different font is necessary such as in designs that need to convey antique, romantic, or humanistic connotations. Take for example, one my newest websites for a client, Be a Bree. Notice on the header, I used a script-type font. The rest of the content is either normal or italicized Times New Roman (or serif). This is because the design called for something more, feminine, homey, motherly, and elegant.

When trying to deiced on a font, I use FontList. FontList is a simple little program that takes character string input and displays the set of characters many times using all of the fonts available in the operating system. This is really useful to me because I don’t have time to open Microsoft Word, type a sentence, and keep on changing the font. I want to be able to easily compare my fonts with each other.

Just input the text, set the necessary parameters (check all), and specify where to save the font list file (the desktop should be fine).


Open the file in any browser (if it doesn’t open it for you already) and voila! You can easily compare fonts!


It actually used this program yesterday to decide on a font for my next blog directed towards hackers. Many readers of this blog will definitely find it interesting and resourceful. Stay tuned!

Note: If this doesn’t work out, try a similar looking program. Just add an “er.” FontLister!

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