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ISO Recorder: One-click Easy *.iso Image Burning

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Published on January 19th, 2006
Category: Utilities

In my past article on IsoBuster, I explained what are *.iso files: they are exact replicas of CDs and DVDs in one single file. In my Daemon Tools article, I showed how to read from these *.iso files as virtual CD/DVD drives to avoid re-burning them to disk. But, there are sometimes when burning an *.iso file is necessary.

For starters, to burn a disk means to write data onto it. However, this is very unlike writing data to a floppy disk or a hard drive. It requires more than the usual drag-and-drop ease that is associated with Microsoft Windows.

These are the most common methods of CD/DVD burning:

  1. CD Burning suites/applications such as Easy CD Creator and Nero.
  2. Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard

Normally, I use the second method, the integrated CD Writing Wizard since it is faster to start a CD burning job. Despite its limitations like difficult configuration and unnecessary, redundant CD writing steps, it’s the closest thing to cross-compatible drag-and-drop CD writing functionality. (For UDF advocates, I do not agree with you.)

There is one thing (actually there are more) that puzzles me about Microsoft. The CD burning wizard does not implement *.iso burning. It should be only natural to include a feature in Windows that lets you click on an *.iso file and press “Burn to Disk.”

That is exactly ISO Recorder’s specialty. It makes up for Microsoft’s oversight. Often, when I download *.iso images (legal, mind you!), I have to open a huge, memory-hungry, full-fledge CD Burning Suite like the ones mentioned in Method #1. On the other hand, ISO Recorder is a tiny, unassuming program that is integrated into the Microsoft Windows Explorer Shell.

There’s really not much to explain on how to use this program. Just right-click the *.iso file and select “Copy Image to CD.”


The one-step wizard is pretty much self-explanatory.


See? Wasn’t that easy?

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One Response to “ISO Recorder: One-click Easy *.iso Image Burning”

  1. Janet Nabney Says:

    I note in your screen shot of the ‘cd recording wizard’ you have the same thing illustrated that I have in mine….. ie ‘no media present’.
    Therefore I cannot burn an iso image [the only option I have is to cancel…other options are greyed out.]Indeed, I have two CD burners in my machine.
    How can I fix this please?

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