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QTFairPlay – Unlock iTunes FairPlay DRM Once Again

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Published on February 28th, 2007
Category: Audio and Video, Hacks

So many milestones have happened since I last wrote about DRM-stripping with Hymn. For one, Apple plugged the iTunes hole that Hymn exploited in its iTunes 6 release. Later on, a talented cracker by the name of “igorsk” revealed an exploit program for the iTunes 6 DRM. Apple responded by patching that hole with its next release of iTunes 7. Then miraculously – less than a day later – igorsk cracked the FairPlay iTunes 7 DRM!

Like I said in the hymn article, I’m not a fan or pirated music. On the same token, I’m also not a fan of DRM. Similarly to how gun control only affects the “good guys,” DRM puts strict limitations on people who actually download music legitimately. The bad guys will always find a way to obtain arms. Heck, they’ll even make their ammunition if they have to. In the same way, music pirates will always find a way to circumvent the system and distribute the music. I mean, what stops somebody from burning a CD and then ripping it?

I believe in DRM-stripping because I disagree with computer, CD burn, and media player limits. I don’t want to be stuck to one computer’s media player or just 5 disk burns! I paid for that song!

QTFairplay, the FairPlay DRM-stripping program released by igorsk, works similarly to hymn. It’s even hosted on the hymn server! Like hymn, it comes with a console version and a GUI version. Personally, I like the console version better since you can just drag and drop the protected *.m4p files on top of the program.


What’s cool about the GUI version is that it includes a one-click function that allows you to unprotect your entire iTunes library and rename playlist items from *.m4p to *.m4a.


But you make the call on which one is better. And for the record (if I’m in court), I do not condone sharing un-DRMed music!

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