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2007 March

JDiskReport – Discover What Files and Folders Take Up the Most the Disk Space

Published on March 28th, 2007
Category: Utilities
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I’m undergoing a disk space crisis! My home server’s free disk space is starting to near the 1 GB mark. To top that off, my laptop the regularly shows the “Low Disk Space” alert. For my home computer, this catastrophe was likely caused by a mixture of downloading Linux *.ISO files, editing video, and following a ridged backup schedule. But, for the life of me, I couldn’t understand how I could use all 40 GB of disk space on my notebook computer. I mean, I only use it for work. Plus, every time I need to save something, I just transfer the files over my home network or the Internet to my server in my room. So, there shouldn’t be any reason for the “Low Disk Space” bubble warning to appear at anytime! But that ominous warning has become as commonplace as a pop-up advertisement.
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smartision ScreenCopy: Automatically Save Multiple-keystroke Screenshots

Published on March 21st, 2007
Category: Imaging, Utilities
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A reader once asked me, “Allan, how do you obtain those screen shots that I see in nearly all of you articles on the freeware review and hacker not cracker.

Some of you advanced readers may be thinking, “Stupid! Just press ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard! The screen dump will be copied to the clipboard. Just paste it in an imaging program like Ulead PhotoImpact, PhotoShop, Jasc, Irfanview, or even Microsoft Paint!” Yes, I could do it that way. But many don’t realize how tedious that is. In every screendump, I would have to first capture, then paste. After 5 screenshots, that manual process can get pretty tiring. What if I need to capture a spontaneous screenshot that changes every 3 seconds? I will not have time to paste and save then paste and save.
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