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PDF Download: Disable the Acrobat Plug-in for FireFox or Internet Explorer

Published on June 27th, 2007
Category: Extensions/Plugins, Internet

“Oh, we’re not gonna take it!
No, we ain’t gonna take it!
Oh, we’re not gonna take it anymore.”

The lyrics to that Twisted Sister song convey a very similar emotion that I felt a couple days ago when it happened again. This was the last straw. As usual, I was working on FireFox with about gazillion tabs open. One of them was a blog post and another one was an eBay listing. Both of them were in the making and had not been saved yet. It’s too bad that my browser crashed when I opened a PDF file … Curses!

Many computer users like myself put up with that same crap everyday. It’s high time that we actually do something about it and stop subjecting ourselves to the instability of Adobe Acrobat and browser window integration! Think of the emails! Won’t somebody think of the half-written emails that have been lost in “illegal operations!?”
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How to Remotely Enable Remote Desktop Connection Access on Windows 200/XP/2003

Published on May 11th, 2007
Category: Cool Stuff, Hacks, Internet

Ever experienced this scenario? You’re helping a friend – or worse, one of your parents – over the phone with his or her computer. And he or she either doesn’t know what you are talking about or is too slow to completely carry out your instructions in this lifetime. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just see what they see and remotely input with your keyboard and mouse?

VNC is nice and all but who wants to walk someone through additional instructions for installing a VNC server? How about that crippled terminal service derivative called Remote Assistance? I’ve used that before and it is pretty limiting. Wouldn’t it be great to actually be able to log on their computer like in Remote Desktop? If your friend is using Windows XP, Vista, or Server for business environments (i.e. not “Home Edition”) you may be in luck. They only problem is actually enabling the Remote Desktop protocol, which, by default, is turned off.
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Xenu’s Link Sleuth – Find 404 Broken Links on Any Website

Published on April 25th, 2007
Category: Design and Publishing, Internet, Utilities
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As a web designer and administrator, there are certain routine “housekeeping” tasks that you have to perform with your server. These tasks can include data backup, traffic analysis, and server log audits. But there is one job that website administrators often fail to do, link checking. In this era of Web 2.0 and blogs where content has evolved from static and unchanging to dynamic and volatile, it is very important to make sure that your anchor tags (<a>) are intact.

Not only is link validation an important monthly routine task, it is a crucial, mission-critical operation when moving web servers or changing domain names. When I moved this website from http://freeware.art-app.com to http://www.freewarereview.info, it was literally hell in cyberspace. Even with my carefully hand-crafted .htaccess 301 redirects, my readership dropped and my server logs were filled with 404 error messages.
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