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ShortShip - Sort eBay Listings by ACTUAL Price!

Published on January 11th, 2007
Category: Extensions/Plugins, Internet

It’s a typical scenario. You’re scouring eBay for a good deal on some computer equipment and you think you find the perfect one for the perfect price. But alas, shipping and handling is $20. Is this some kind of sick joke?! Sadly, it isn’t. They are serious. The seller is either located in Hong Kong (that’s why the item so cheap) and shipping is really that expensive. Or, the seller just wants to bait, switch and, price gouge making a hefty profit on the shipping without incurring any eBay fees on the profit. Usually, it is the latter. How do innocent, hard-working, good-meaning, God-fearing buyers avoid these lecherous merchants? There are two things you can do.
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WebMail - Access Proprietary Web-based Email Addresses in Open-source Thunderbird Software

Published on January 10th, 2007
Category: Extensions/Plugins, Internet

People who know me are well aware that I am very paranoid. I’m paranoid of identity thieves, stalkers, gangsters, criminals, etc. I mean, I’m paranoid of being left alone on the passenger side with the car running and the doors unlocked (remember Oprah?).

I’m also paranoid of being “pwned” by a company. I don’t like the idea of any part of my existence to depend on anything (except of course God). If something in my life is compromised, I don’t want to be greatly affected. I want to be independent. For example, if the prices at American Eagle get too expensive (and they already are) or if they close shop, I can switch to another comparable brand like Gap, Old Navy, or Buckle. I don’t want to depend wholly on the American Eagle brand. The same thing applies to computers. I switched to the Wordpress blogging platform because it was open source; I will never be charged. You wouldn’t believe how long it took to serve my RSS feeds with the Feedburner because that would mean chaining myself to their domain name. I finally gave in when Feedburner provided the service that let me use my own domain name instead of theirs.

I don’t even want to be at the mercy of any email company. Really, the primary reason why I bought internet domain names was because I did not want to continue using any Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail domain name. What if they started to charge me for usage? So now, all of my email addresses either end in @art-app.com or @barizo.com.
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Depicus WOL - Simple Wake-on-LAN “Magic Packet” Generator Utilities

Published on April 20th, 2006
Category: Internet, Utilities

I just finished writing an article yesterday on my hacker not cracker blog about the mysterious yet ubiquitous Wake on LAN function featured in many motherboards and network interface cards. In it, I mentioned the basics of creating a “magic packet.” As I pointed out, a magic packet is data consisting of “FF FF FF FF FF FF” followed by 16 repetitions of the listening network device’s MAC address. I also revealed that I use a PHP script to facilitate in generating that packet. Before I modified the PHP script, I used a simple little freeware program released by Depicus.

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