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TMPGEnc – Easy *.avi to *.mpg Conversion

Published on September 26th, 2007
Category: Audio and Video, Utilities

(Note: Caleb, this is for you. 🙂 )

With the rise of online file sharing, we’ve been introduced to a wide plethora of file formats. For pictures, you have *.gif, *.jpg, *.tif, and *.png as the major contenders. With documents, you mainly deal with *.pdf, *.doc, and *.rtf. However with video, you face several formats competing in compression, quality, price, speed, and compatibility factors.

Several Video Format Choices

It’s hard to even begin naming the top 5 video formats without assistance! You’ve got Real Media *.rm, MPEG4-wrapped *.avi, MPEG2 *.vob, Windows Media *.wmv, Flash *.flv, and Apple *.mov. AVI alone branches into several subgroup formats since it is a wrapped format extension! Often, people just want an ideal, common format that works with most software, compresses with a high ratio, looks decent, and costs nothing. (Sigh) If only there is such a format!
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Dr. DivX – Seemlessly Convert Any Video Format File to DivX

Published on May 16th, 2007
Category: Audio and Video, Entertainment, Utilities

Take a look around in the cyber underworld. Search and download a video file with uTorrent or Gnutella. What do you see? I see DivX everywhere. Online video piracy takes a couple of forms. You have the *.flv Flash format popularly seen at YouTube. Of course, you will find the uncompressed, mammoth *.iso files directly ripped from DVDs. Then, you have the smaller compressed versions of the *.iso files as various MPEG formats. Sometimes they are in the highly-redundant, DVD-native MPEG2 format or the cross-compatible MPEG1 format. Other times, they are in one of the newer types of MPEG4. DivX, Xvid, and other MPEG4 formats have become staples in both the cyber underworld and the mainstream Internet. Out of all these variations of MPEG4 formats, the most popular is undoubtedly DivX.
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FairUse – Strip playforsure and Janus WMP 10/11 DRM from Audio and Video

Published on April 19th, 2007
Category: Audio and Video, Hacks, Utilities
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In two of my previous posts, I wrote stripping the FairPlay DRM from iTunes files with hymn and QTFairPlay. Last year, something happened that was even more groundbreaking than the FairPlay exploit. Another talented group of people cracked the Windows Media Player DRM!

Why is this so important? The WMP DRM, also known as Janus, is “The DRM.” Most companies utilize it to protect their multimedia content from easy piracy. This is the DRM behind “playforsure” and “To Go” technologies found in many portable audio players. This does not just disrupt the peace of the music industry. It shakes the ground of the motion picture industry! Online music stores like Napster and MusicMatch to online rental sites like CinemaNow and MovieLink have been affected. With the unlimited “buffet-type” music subscription plans like with Rhapsody, you can download the multi-million song database, convert the files to MP3, and distribute them online! With online movie rental sites, you can download flicks for a mere 2 dollars, strip the DRM, and torrent it!
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