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Audacity: Audaciously Free Audio Editing

Published on January 28th, 2006
Category: Audio and Video

When I was a computer “n00b,” I was fascinated with the Microsoft Sound Recorder. It was so cool that I could actually record things like BMI and EMI Records! But as I delved into the field of audio, I slowly realized that Sound Recorder had a couple of limitations. I could go on and on about these restrictions such no multiple tracks or track displays. But basically, every fault could summed up in one complaint: Sound Recorder is too beginner. I needed something more robust. Microsoft Sound Recorder is much like Microsoft Paint as compared to Adobe Photoshop or Ulead PhotoImpact.

Audacity raises the bar of power and difficulty up a couple of notches. Since I’ve never really been exposed to professional applications for audio mastering, it is hard for me to gauge how advanced Audacity really is. But, it gets the job done pretty well for me. I’ve even made pretty good radio and TV parody commercial audio from this program.

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Maya Personal Learning Edition: Hollywood-Quality 3D Animation

Published on December 16th, 2005
Category: Audio and Video
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I learned about this program from TechTV (when it was still an awesome network). Ever wonder what Hollywood uses to create 3D animations for movies such as Shrek, Ice Age, Final Fantasy, and Toy Story? What do they use to render the stunts and visual effects in movies like Spiderman, Charlie’s Angels, and Lord of the Rings?
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dBpowerAMP: Seemlessly Convert Audio Between Most Formats

Published on December 9th, 2005
Category: Audio and Video

I’ve been using dBpowerAMP Music Converter or, as it is often called, “dMC” for a long time now. From the dBpowerAMP website, they say that it is “often called a Swiss army knife of audio.” They could not have been more right about that!

When I found this audio converter, I was just looking for a tool to convert my WAV files to MP3 and vice versa. I discovered that it did a lot more than that. Below, I’ve outlined the best of their many features.
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