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Tftpd32 for Windows – Unleash the PXE BIOS Network Boot Feature Within

Published on June 28th, 2007
Category: Cool Stuff, Rants and Raves, Utilities

Floppy drives are a thing of the past and CD drives seem to be on their way out as well. USB flash drives and higher definition optical disks have replaced them. Today, newer portable data technologies appear faster than ever to satisfy the insatiable cutting edge appetite.

I remember when floppy disks were phasing out in the late 1990s. My friend showed me his new Apple MacBook and how it was so advanced that Apple didn’t even install a floppy disk drive. With the obsoleteness of floppy disks and CDs, how then do we boot our computers nowadays? What if the Windows partition on one of my systems has a freak accident and my partition managing software is on a floppy disk. Well, I could do one of several options.
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New Blogs

Published on March 17th, 2006
Category: Rants and Raves
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After much time spent designing and programming, I am releasing another blog that is going to be written by myself. It is called “hacker not cracker – computer enthusiasts and wannabes welcomed.” Basically, it is an advanced computing blog. The reason why it is called “hacker not cracker” is because I am a hacker (a computer enthusiaist), not a cracker (a “black-hat” hacker). Read more about this new blog and my explanation in the first introductory post. Like the other blogs that I started in the past, I will be moving some articles on this blog to the new hacker blog for relevance.

I hope you become a regular reader of this blog!

URL Changes

Published on December 13th, 2005
Category: Rants and Raves
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Hey Everybody,

I spontaneously decided to buy a dedicated domain name for the freeware review. Instead of the http://freeware.art-app.com subdomain, I am using the http://www.freewarereview.info domain. I’ve also changed the permalink structure for individual posts to make the articles more search engine friendly. I also changed the permalink structure for The Information Bank. In addition, I have instituted permalink and domain redirects to make the transition easier. You may not even notice anything at all! That is a good thing. If you do notice any problems, please notify me! Remember to update your bookmark, link, and feed URLs accordingly too!


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