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VNC – Free Open-source Alternative to the Remote Desktop Protocol

Published on April 19th, 2007
Category: Cool Stuff, Internet, User Interface

Imagine this: You are at a friend’s house cracking the wireless network of his neighbor. You suddenly remember that you need the dictionary file that was pre-hashed on your home computer. Or picture this: You’re on a business trip and you realize that you forgot to generate the current quarter’s expense report. You need to access the business software on your office computer! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could connect to your computer remotely and view the desktop from your laptop just as you were right in from the of screen?

Remote computer access is possible these days. In these two scenarios, you have three options. For one, you can purchase a subscription to services like pcAnywhere or GoToMyPC. Another thing you can use is the built-in, proprietary Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. Your last option is Virtual Network Computing.
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tabinta: Insert “Tabs” in TEXTAREA Fields Instead of Moving Next

Published on February 14th, 2007
Category: Design and Publishing, Extensions/Plugins, Internet, User Interface

Messy code … I hate it. It annoys me when programmers don’t use line breaks after their semicolons. It bugs me that some programmers write with irregular brackets. Most of all, it totally irks me when programmers don’t tab their code to distinguish between functions, “if” statements, nested elements, etc. White is bliss. Less is more. Spacing is good. Don’t jumble everything up for goodness sake!
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User Agent Switcher Firefox Extension

Published on January 25th, 2007
Category: Extensions/Plugins, Hacks, Internet, User Interface

Last week, I wrote about ShortShip, a Firefox extension that sorts eBay search results by the actual price with shipping included. In the past couple of months eBay has been switching its user interface so that it will look more “Web 2.0ish.” That’s nice and everything but this redesign hinders the functionality of the ShortShip extension. ShortShip was programmed to work with the old user interface. I contacted eBay customer service asking for some information on how to change the way eBay displays its search results so that I can view the old interface. But alas, they said it was not possible! What’s more, the creator of ShortShip does not have any plans soon to tweak the extension so that it will be compatible with the new UI!
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