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smartision ScreenCopy: Automatically Save Multiple-keystroke Screenshots

Published on March 21st, 2007
Category: Imaging, Utilities
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A reader once asked me, “Allan, how do you obtain those screen shots that I see in nearly all of you articles on the freeware review and hacker not cracker.

Some of you advanced readers may be thinking, “Stupid! Just press ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard! The screen dump will be copied to the clipboard. Just paste it in an imaging program like Ulead PhotoImpact, PhotoShop, Jasc, Irfanview, or even Microsoft Paint!” Yes, I could do it that way. But many don’t realize how tedious that is. In every screendump, I would have to first capture, then paste. After 5 screenshots, that manual process can get pretty tiring. What if I need to capture a spontaneous screenshot that changes every 3 seconds? I will not have time to paste and save then paste and save.
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VMWare Player and Virtual PC - An OS in an OS

Published on February 9th, 2007
Category: Cool Stuff, Utilities

After a decade of plain-jane, boring, error-prone Windows machines, alternatives began to rise in popularity. This is the time when many of today’s die-hard Apple and Linux users were born. I knew an Apple-only friend who would debate with me the pros and cons of owning an Apple or a PC. One of my main arguments was compatibility. Most programs are originally for Intel-architecture Windows PCs. His comeback, OS X can run Virtual PC, which can run windows, which can run any program you want. At the time Virtual PC cost several hundred dollars. Plus, another Windows operating system purchase would be necessary for legal purposes … and that’s not much fun is it?
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DownThemAll! - Maximize Internet Connection Bandwidth for Broadband or Dial-up

Published on January 26th, 2007
Category: Extensions/Plugins, Internet, Utilities

Remember the 90s? I like to call that era the “days of dial up.” Most people who had Internet access at home subscribed to a slow dial-up ISP (like AOL). Those were the dark days. We tweaked Windows trying to maximize everything we could just to squeeze 5 megabyte files through a 28.8 kbps Internet connection. Talk about almost a 30 minute wait per file!
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