The Best Free AI Tools For Designers in 2024

Best Free AI tools

As content creators, we’re doing a lot of work, not just writing but also doing website logos, different designs for our social networks, advertising, and so forth. I totally get how challenging it can be to find the perfect tools that lets you to realize your creative tasks, all while keeping an eye on the budget.

We’ve searched and compiled a fantastic array of free AI tools designed to turn our concepts and design tasks into realities.

Consider this guide your personal map to a hidden gem collection of AI graphic design software—completely gratis yet astonishingly robust. Prepare yourself; it’s time we take our designs to bold new heights!

10 Free AI Tools for Graphic Designing

My extensive research has uncovered an impressive array of free AI tools that are game-changers for creators like us. For this research, I’ve scoured the internet, including our friends at TechCurse, who have the largest AI tools directory I could find. This guide lays out the top picks that blend practicality with powerful features—all free.


I’m always amazed at how Canva simplifies the process of creating stunning visual content. Since its launch in 2013, it’s become a go-to platform for me and countless others who want professional-looking designs without diving deep into complex software.

Its web-based setup means I can start crafting social media graphics or beautiful presentations right from my browser. And with those 14 AI tools, tasks like background removal or resizing images are just a matter of a few clicks. Canva also has a PC app as well, which I personally use daily. Some swear the web version is better, I get along with the app very well.

Imagine whipping up an eye-catching banner with minimal effort; that’s the power Canva puts at your fingertips. Magic Design is one feature that has transformed my design workflow—where artificial intelligence takes over to automate layout choices, making suggestions that feel almost human in their intuition.

It saves time and really lets me focus on fine-tuning those final creative touches rather than getting bogged down in the basics of graphic designing.

Canva is has a freemium model, meaning that you can use it for free, but some features are behind the premium version. However, you can do a lot of things with the free version and if you decide to buy it, it’s worth every penny.


Pixlr stands out as a great AI design tool. With its user-friendly interface, I find that bringing creative ideas to life is quick and straightforward.

Pixlr’s array of editing options, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, includes the innovative AI Infill feature, which makes complex designs simpler by intelligently filling spaces with appropriate textures or patterns.

Leveraging Pixlr for photo-editing tasks enables me to produce professional-level visuals without incurring hefty software costs. The Photomash Studio is a game-changer for background removal tasks, making it easy for newcomers to create sleek images.

When I need to whip up designs on the fly, Pixlr X offers template-based solutions coupled with an AI image generator that crafts unique graphics suited to any brand’s style or campaign needs.

This mighty app sits comfortably among beneficial tools like BeFunky and Toffeeshare as a go-to resource for designers working within tight budgets or under pressure-packed deadlines.

Corel Vector (formerly Gravit Designer)

As a graphic designer always searching for powerful tools, I’ve found Corel Vector invaluable. It’s more than just a vector design application; it’s an HTML-based powerhouse where I can create everything from sleek logos to intricate illustrations.

With AI-assisted capabilities that streamline the creative process, it is simple to jump in and start designing precisely.

I appreciate how Corel Vector is a strong alternative to big names like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Its comprehensive features allow me to effortlessly work on typography, wireframing, and even icons—all without costing a dime.

Available online and offline through its desktop app, this tool fits seamlessly into my workflow whether at my desk or on the go. With Corel Vector in my toolkit, turning ideas into visually stunning designs has never been more efficient or enjoyable.


I’ve been working with Vectr lately, and I must say it’s great for both seasoned designers and those just getting their feet wet in the world of digital art. This tool is completely free to use, which makes it accessible right from your web browser or desktop. And it has the same developers that brought us Pixlr. Great, isn’t it?

It simplifies complex vector graphics tasks with an intuitive interface that guides you through creating crisp, clean designs without needing any advanced design skills.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Vectr accelerates my workflow significantly. Editing paths, applying filters, and aligning objects becomes almost effortless compared to traditional methods.

For web designers especially, this is invaluable—it meshes smoothly with HTML and CSS projects, so you can create beautiful templates faster than ever before. Plus, sharing files is straightforward; it’s perfect for collaborative projects where multiple people need access to update the designs in real-time.


I think everyone has heard about MIdjourney by now. It’s an incredible AI model that transforms text-written prompts into beautiful art or photography. Imagine typing in a description and watching your words transform into stunning visuals—this is what Midjourney does brilliantly.

Artists and designers can use this generative artificial intelligence to churn out unique images, whether you’re crafting eye-catching thumbnails or vivid illustrations. It brings the power of human creativity and computer-controlled precision together to push the boundaries of digital artistry.

Working with Midjourney feels like having a personal assistant who never tires and is constantly ready to turn your imaginative prompts into captivating artwork. Not only does it make initial image creation effortless, but it also offers robust post-editing tools for refining those images to perfection.

Background removals, upscaling jobs, or adding that final sharpening touch become simple tasks rather than boring and stressful challenges. Want to take it for a spin? How about imagining a new logo for your business and explaining that via a good prompt? Try it out; you’ll be amazed!


I’ve been using Figma lately just to try it out for this article. This cloud-based tool is much more than your average vector design software; it integrates artificial intelligence to smooth collaborative work.

Whether you’re throwing together initial ideas or refining intricate prototypes, Figma stands out as the go-to platform for designers who want real-time feedback and good teamwork.

Its usability shines through, especially when brainstorming with others or sharing files across different stages of your creative process.

What sets Figma apart is its AI plugins, which are designed just for UI/UX professionals. With 10 different options, this powerhouse shows off its versatility and helps push your designs beyond limits.

And whether I’m on my Mac remotely or tweaking designs from my Windows desktop at work, Figma’s browser-based magic means I can jump right back into action without missing a beat—no flash drives needed! The practical benefits are clear: less time fussing with compatibility issues and more time crafting user experiences that resonate deeply with audiences everywhere.


This user-friendly platform empowers designers to craft stunning visual content with its drag-and-drop functionality, making it accessible even if you’re not a graphic design guru.

The array of customizable templates simplifies the process of creating eye-catching designs that resonate with my audience. From social media graphics to detailed marketing materials, Easil provides a great experience that fuels creativity without a price tag. Evidently, there’s a subscription that unlocks more features, but you can work with the free version just fine.

For those familiar with Canva, you’ll find a similar look here and some familiar tools, but you’ll start to enjoy the app once you start playing with it.

Leveraging Easil’s AI tools allows anyone to effortlessly align text and images for with ease, tapping into an extensive library of fonts and photos to boost your projects.

The convenience of resizing designs for various platforms saves me invaluable time, allowing me to focus more on strategy and less on tedious adjustments. With Easil in my arsenal, producing professional-grade visuals becomes second nature, significantly boosting engagement across digital marketing campaigns without stretching the budget or resources.


I’m a big fan of OpenAI as a company and of ChatGPT. I’ve been using it almost daily since it came out and DALL-E, its little brother, who works in the image generation department, has the ability to craft detailed and realistic images from just a brief text description sets it apart. You can say it sounds a bit like Midjourney, both do similar things and entirely different things simultaneously.

If you want to use an AI image generator for productivity only, you’ll find that the DALL-E is extremely good at logos, infographics, and generally with finer details. If you’re looking for better art or photography, I’d suggest going the Midjourney route. With DALL-E 3 out, however, things got a bit closer in that department as well, so you should try them both out!

Here’s a quick logo I made for this article. I haven’t fine-tuned it or anything, it’s just what I told DALL-E to make.

Whether I need eye-catching graphics for social media or fresh stock images without the hefty price tag, DALL-E meets those needs while saving me time and money—which is always music to a designer’s ears!


BeFunky takes the complexity out of photo editing and graphic design, handing you the tools to unleash your creativity without needing a degree in design. Imagine transforming your images with just a few clicks, thanks to their AI-driven features that simplify tasks like removing backgrounds or applying artistic effects.

This platform caters to photographers and offers an armory for designers seeking easy-to-use resources for crafting standout graphics. AS you can see, you have a vast array of business and social-oriented templates, from newsletters to IG posts and greeting cards.

With BeFunky’s all-in-one approach, you get access to professional templates that can kickstart any project—be it web designing or creating user-created content for social media.

Their collage maker breathes new life into photos by blending them into captivating stories. Jump into this tool’s creative suite and watch as it improves your designs, making them ready to capture user engagement and increase exposure on any website or mobile app.


Vecteezy is an awesome vector collection for designers who need high-quality vectors and graphics without breaking the bank. With their expansive library of over 650,000 drawings, finding the perfect royalty-free image for any project becomes stress-free.

It’s not just about quantity; the variety of on-trend designs and powerful search tools make Vecteezy stand out as one of the best vector design websites available.

Their platform integrates with artificial intelligence applications, offering powerful AI graphic design software that simplifies complex tasks into clicks and drags. What I love the most is how these AI tools allow me to generate stunning visuals with ease, in just a matter of clicks.

Whether you’re looking to resize images fast or share files with clients across mobile apps, Vecteezy has got your back as a hub for professional designing tools and vector illustrations waiting to bring your projects to life.

As you can probably see, these apps can help you become a professional designer without actually being one. Or if you are, they improve your workflow considerably, by offering the best tools on the market. And since most of them are free or have a free plan available, makes them even more appealing for a larger audience.

I remember some years ago that we were limited by just 2-3 software applications and several vector sites..and everybody had the same “ideas”. Not anymore! With these free AI-powered design tools, if you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find the most powerful tools that can turn your ideas or designs into professional-looking designs. And it saves you A LOT of time and, evidently, money.