TikTok plans for generative AI avatars

TikTok, the popular social media platform, is rumored to be working on a groundbreaking feature enabling users to generate AI-stylized avatars, unlike the offerings available on advanced deep learning applications such as Midjourney and Lensa. This information comes to us through a Twitter thread from the social media expert Matt Navarra via The Verge.

This innovative feature, aptly named AI Avatars, will reportedly allow users to upload a selection of three to 10 personal photographs and then select from a curated list of five distinct artistic styles. Upon choosing a style, the AI-driven tool will proceed to generate a set of up to 30 unique avatars in just a matter of minutes. Users will then have the option to download a single image, a subset, or the entire collection of generated avatars to utilize as profile pictures or as content for their stories, adding a creative and personalized touch to their online presence.

While the range of artistic styles offered by TikTok’s AI Avatars may not be extensive, the quality of the generated images is quite impressive. As a result, this feature is expected to garner significant popularity among users. In anticipation of the high demand and potentially preventing server overloads, TikTok has implemented a daily usage limitation for this feature. Users will be allowed to take advantage of the AI Avatars tool only once per day, striking a balance between accessibility and ensuring a smooth user experience on the platform.