Adobe Firefly AI Art Generator has been launched

Introducing Adobe’s latest AI tech, Adobe Firefly, a cutting-edge, generative AI designed to revolutionize image and text effect creation. The technology, soon to be integrated into Adobe’s product suite, empowers users to craft stunning visuals and optimize their creative workflows.

Adobe Firefly enables you to unleash your imagination and explore limitless possibilities within Adobe’s product ecosystem. With the beta version available, it allows its users to harness the power of everyday language and text prompts to produce fresh content. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual edits and art creation—Adobe Firefly streamlines the process, empowering you to thrive in fast-paced creative environments.

Adobe Firefly effortlessly generates the building blocks of your artistic vision from text prompts or rough sketches. Extend its capabilities to video editing with text prompts and effortlessly alter existing footage’s moods, atmospheres, or even weather conditions. Simply provide your idea and instructions, and Adobe Firefly brings it to life.

How to get Adobe Firefly

You need to visit and click the request access button. Once requested, you have fill the next page and submit the information. The access to the Beta will be offered shortly after, you just have to follow the on-screen instructions.