Diablo 4 Stats Explained: A Full Guide

Diablo 4 Stats Guide

Compared to its predecessors, Diablo 4 has many stats, from Core stats, such as Strenght or Dexterity, to Utility stats, such as Lucky Hit Chance or Cooldown Reduction. In this Diablo 4 Stats guide, we’ll try to explain how the stats work in the game.

Diablo 4 comes with four types of stats categories: Core statsOffensiveDefensive, and Utility. Let’s get each category and explain what they do and what bonuses or effects they grant to the character.

Table of Contents

    Core Stats

    These are the main stats of your character, a total of 4. Each class in Diablo 4 has a main stat that offers a bonus for that specific class. For example, the Sorcerer’s main stat is Intelligence. However, it’s worth noting that all the core stat in the game provide bonuses for any character, no matter the class.

    • Strength: +1 Armor per point
    • Intelligence: +0.05% All Resistance per point
    • Willpower: +0.1% Healing Received and +0.25% Overpower Damage per point
    • Dexterity: +0.025% Dodge Chance per point

    In this Diablo 4 stats guide, we’ll try to cover most important stats in the game.

    As you can see, even if you play a Barbarian, getting Intelligence from some items or the Paragon boards offers you some resistance to all elements. Also, every time you level up, you gain +1 to every Core Stat.

    That being said, each class benefits more from specific stats, as follows:


    • +0.1% Skill Damage per point of Strength
    • +0.03% Resource Generation per point of Willpower
    • +0.02% Critical Strike Chance per point of Dexterity


    • +0.1% Skill Damage per point of Willpower
    • +0.03% Resource Generation per point of Intelligence
    • +0.02% Critical Strike Chance per point of Dexterity

    Sorcerer and Necromancer

    • +0.1% Skill Damage per point of Intelligence
    • +0.03% Resource Generation per point of Willpower
    • +0.02% Critical Strike Chance per point of Dexterity


    • +0.1% Skill Damage per point of Dexterity
    • +0.03% Resource Generation per point of Strength
    • +0.02% Critical Strike Chance per point of Intelligence

    Offensive Stats

    As the name implies, these stats provide specific modifiers or bonuses to increase the damage done. These stats usually come on Weapons, Gloves, and Jewelry.

    Weapon Damage

    • The base damage of the equipped weapons.
    • Weapons – Base Damage = Skill% x Weapon Damage
    • Skills scale their damage based on the equipped weapon.

    Weapon Speed

    • This is the base attack speed of the weapon before any bonus is applied.
    • When dual-wielding, the attack speed will be the average value.

    Critical Strike Chance

    • Each ability hit has an x% chance of being a Critical strike. If you trigger a Critical, the damage is increased by your Critical Strike Damage.

    Critical Strike Damage

    • This is the damage multiplier when a Critical Strike occurs.
    • The base value is 50% and is capped at 100%.

    Overpower Chance

    • Overpower has a 3% chance of occurring.
    • The higher your char’s Life and Fortified Life, the bigger the Overpower bonus.
    • The Overpower formula is Base Damage * Stat Bonuses + ((Life + Fortified Life) * Stat Bonuses) * Overpower Bonus = Overpowered Damage
    • Some abilities or passives guarantee to Overpower when a condition is met.
    • The Overpower normal damage is Blue, and Critical Overpower is Orange

    Vulnerable Damage

    • Deals additional damage to Vulnerable affected targets.
    • BaseVulnerable damage value is 20%.
    • Vulnerable Damage is affected by items and the Paragon boards.
    • Vulnerable adds a purple aura to the health bar of the target
    • If you get afflicted by Vulnerable, your Life globe will get a Purple hue and is cracked

    Damage vs

    • There are many “Damage vs” stats in the game: Damage vs Close, Damage vs Ranged, Damage vs Crowd Controlled and so forth.
    • These stats increase the damage by a % against the vs category.

    Damage with

    • Similar to “Damage vs”, “Damage with” defines how much % extra damage does your character do with certain effects (Damage with Bleeding, Damage with Fire, Damage with Cold).

    Damage while Healthy

    • This is currently the only “while” damage stat. The stat damage bonus is applied when you are Healthy, meaning your Life is above 80%.

    All Damage

    • This is basically your Total Damage modifier.

    Defensive Stats

    Maximum Life

    • As the name implies, this is your max life, or HP if you will

    Potion Capacity

    • This is your current number of Potions that you can use.

    Life Regeneration

    • The health points per second does your character regenerate.


    • Armor reduces Physical damage by a percentage based on the total of Armor and the level difference between the character and the target.
    • Armor’s damage reduction is 65% in PvP.

    Armor Contribution

    • The inherent percentage that Armor contributes to your base damage reduction against non-Physical attacks.
    • Your Elemental resistances determine the remaining damage reduction.

    Dodge Chance

    • When you receive direct damage, your character has an x% chance to Dodge it.

    Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, and Shadow Resistance

    • The specific elemental damage received is reduced by X%.
    • Reduces the initial damage from the specific element by 50%.
    • Also increased by Armor Contribution

    Damage reduced from Close/Ranged

    • Pretty straightforward, it reduces the damage taken from close or ranged enemies by x%.

    Healing Recieved

    • Increases the amount of life recovered from all healing sources.

    Life Gained on Kill

    • The amount of HP you gain when you kill an enemy.

    Utility Stats

    Maximum Resource

    • The total amount of Resource (mana, essence, fury etc) the character can use

    Resource Regeneration

    • The resource point per second your character is regenerating.

    Resource Cost Reduction

    • The amount of resource (mana, fury etc) reduced per ability cast.

    Movement Speed

    • The character’s current movement speed % (100% is the base).

    Lucky Hit

    In Diablo 4 there are many random effects you can trigger with any attack, which are called Lucky Hits. Lucky Hits come from many sources: skills, passives, items, and Legendary Aspects.

    Lucky Hit Chance

    • As the name suggests, the Lucky Hit Chance is the x% of proccing an effect from a Lucky Hit.
    • Each ability has a base Lucky Hit Chance.
    • The base Lucky Hit chance is multiplied by the chance listed in the Lucky Hit effect.

    Cooldown Reduction

    • Reduces the cooldowns of your active skills or charges by x%

    Shrine Buff Duration

    • It increases the effect on shrines for the character with the respective value

    Crowd Control Duration Bonus

    • It increases the duration of all Crowd Control effects you apply to enemies.
    • These effects include Slow, Chill, Daze, Stun, Freeze, Immobilize, Taunt, and Knock Down.

    Control Impaired Duration Reduction

    • Reduces the duration of Crowd Control effects that enemies apply to you.


    • Thorns is a special offensive stat that is activated when an enemy hits you.

    We hope this Diablo 4 stats guide made things a bit more clearer in the stats and effects department.